lets you harness the heat of the day to cool your drink
You know that chill you get when you step out of a swimming pool?  You're cooling down because of evaporation.  The water is evaporating off your skin and taking the heat from you with it.  Even on the hottest 90° plus day evaporation can still give you a chill.  Add a slight breeze and the chilling effect is substantially  increased.  This is how MaxChillTM naturally changes the hot air flow that would normally heat your drink into the primary source of cooling it.
The challenge for MaxChillTM was to find a way to capture that chill that lasts just a few minutes and make it last for hours.  We met this challenge by creating a bottle shell made out of an advanced hydrophilic (water loving) foam.  Originally developed for the medical industry, this foam quickly absorbs and tenaciously holds up to 30 times its own weight in water.  By holding water in its polymer structure as well as within its void areas, the rate of evaporation is controlled.  This allows the shell to be thin enough to fit in a standard bottle carrier while still giving you hours of natural cooling.

Our scientifically engineered, super absorbent MaxChillTM shell optimizes evaporative cooling efficiency giving you a perfectly cooled drink for hours.

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