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Colorado Sports  Reviews MaxChill
    "By the end of the ride (1 hr :45 min), the MaxChill water was still the same temperature as it was the majority of the ride (actually colder than when it came out of the tap) and very pleasant to drink. The WB water was hot and nasty tasting to the point where one would forego the drink knowing that the finish was not far off."
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The Kinders, Craig, CO
    I am writing to let you know our experience with the MaxChill water bottle.
    My husband filled the bottle with very hot tap water.  We then soaked the
    outside of the bottle and placed it in an open window (the outdoor
    temperature at the time was 80 degrees, with a slight breeze.)  Eighty
    minutes later we tasted the water, which was now wonderfully cool!  We can't
    wait to try our MaxChill bottle on our next bike ride.
    the Kinders, Craig, CO

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