Let Physics Cool Your Drink!


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Sports Bottle
(It's the sports bottle fitted with a Self-Chilling Shell!)

Just Get the MaxChill Shell Wet & Harness Evaporation to Cool Your Drink!

  • Get 7 times the cooling power of ice!
  • Cools your drink up to 30 degrees below the air temp!
  • Ready to cool in seconds!
  • Lasts for hours!
  • Re-wet anywhere to recharge you cooling power!
  • Even cools hot drinks down in minutes!
  • Large 24 oz. bottle
  • Fits standard cages
  • and more ...

High-Tech Water-Loving Foam Makes Cooling Power Last!
MaxChill uses an advanced water-loving foam originally developed for the medical industry.  This advanced foam can absorb up to 30 times its own weight in water!  We bond a tough athletic-grade fabric to the foam to give it durability and ease of care.  The result is a shell that is thin enough to fit in standard bottle cages while giving you hours of natural cooling!

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